2019 Festival of Tabernacles

Shalom and welcome,

Once again, the Penticton group of believers will host Yahweh’s Festival of Tabernacles at the Naramata Centre, a 20-minute drive among vineyards, north of Penticton, on the shores of beautiful Lake Okanagan.

A preliminary schedule is available here. It is primarily a sketchy outline of how we will plan our events. There are a lot of blank time slots that will be filled in with topics as we get closer to the festival and we become more aware of speakers that would like to attend and share their knowledge of the Scriptures. If you have suggestions regarding speakers and topics, please add them to the registration form in the space provided.

The first day of the festival begins on the 15th day of the 7th month; that is, the sunset of Sept 14. The Closing Festival is on the 22nd day of the 7th month; that is, from sunset Sept 21 to sunset Sept 22.

Please plan to arrive, if at all possible, on Sept 13, especially if you are requiring shuttle service to meet you in Penticton and require assistance to make your purchase of food items and camping equipment before heading to Naramata.

For registration , please see the bottom of the schedule page.

The Naramata Centre can accommodate many more people than will attend the festival, so we have reserved a block of campsites, cabins and rooms for festival attendees only. To enable you to book your accommodation in the reserved space you please:

1. Make your registration payment first .

2. We will advise the Naramata Centre of your registration payment & send you the booking instructions.

3. The Naramata Centre will then make the reserved accommodations available to you. Your booking of accommodation, and payment for the same, will be handled by the Naramata Centre.

This procedure will cause a one or two-day gap between your registration payment and your ability to book your accommodations, especially if the weekend intervenes. We would like to keep festival goers in a common area to facilitate fellowship and rejoicing. We hope you agree. We of the Penticton Group are looking forward to meeting you and rejoicing with you at the Festival of Tabernacles.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us:

William (Bill) Hood, 
250-492-4105 [Landline please leave a message]

Art Isted, 
[Landline 250-492-4323 [L-Line]

May Yah be praised.