2020 FOT Overview

To see an overview of schedule of daily activities –click here. Spaces TBA (to be announced) will be filled in as we schedule speakers and events. More Details below.

Booking a Room or Camping click here

Daily Activities

Morning (09:00 – 12:00)

▪ Praise & Worship – Bring along your musical instruments and volunteer to lead a session.

▪ Hebrew Class – 5 Basic and 5 Advanced lessons (Oct 5th to 9th)

  • Basic class – Learn the basic Hebrew Alef Bet and vowel points. This will teach you how to read and pronounce the Hebrew letters so that you can read the Hebrew language. Children are encouraged to participate!
  • Advanced class – For those that already know the Hebrew Alef Bet and vowel points/nikkud.

▪ Torah reading – In keeping with Deut 31:9-11; for those not learning Hebrew. The reading is being offered as an edifying component of the festival.

▪ Festival Sabbaths (7m 14d, 7m 21d) Oct 3 & Oct 10 to be determined by sighting of first crescent in Jerusalem. Isaiah 2:3 “And many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of YHVH, to the house of the Elohim/God of Jacob; that He may teach us concerning His ways and that we may walk in His paths.” For the law will go forth from Zion and the word of YHVH from Jerusalem.

Afternoon & Evening (14:00 – 17:00)

▪ Biblical teaching followed by questions & answers.

▪ Or enjoy Fellowship, Hiking, Wine tasting, Bargain Shopping, Kids Events

Evening (19:00 – – – – -)

▪ Fellowship (Getting to know each other)

  • Men’s Meeting – Men get together and learn from one another on how to be better husbands/fathers, and encouragement in overcoming the challenges we have at work and home. Often the highlight of the feast for many! A great time of fellowship and developing friendships in Messiah. Mature teens may attend if parents approve.
  • Women’s Meeting – Ladies will get together and learn from each other on how to be better wives, mothers or singles. Bring a snack along with your favorite tea. Mature teens may attend if parents approve.
  • Midrash for teens – Teens gather in separate groups of girls and guys to discuss today’s issues facing the youth. Parents expected and encouraged to participate!

Special Activities

Special children’s Activities– Events subject to numbers… parents will be responsible for their children’s activities. Families are welcome to organize or lead groups.

Tassel Making Class – Learn how to make Tassels (Tzit tzit) as per the command in Num 15:38 and Deut 22:12. Children ARE encouraged to participate! This is a repeat of a popular activity last year. This will be a morning event on Oct 4th.

Youth and Family Night – One of the meetings could be an opportunity for the youth to share music and a special group event.

Midrash (open scripture discussion) – can be held some nights. Scripture Q & A, reading and discussion of various scriptures/topics, group counseling, or wherever else Yahweh leads.

Auction for Charity / Ministry – We are planning an auction toward the end of the festival. Bring some good quality items that you would like to auction off. The plan is to feed the poor. **Invite folks you meet to the auction so we are not just buying back our own items!!

Hockey in the Sky Box -Penticton Vees Game at SOEC -subject to schedule.

Other Activities

Winery tours & lunch. This has yet to be organized and wineries chosen. We are open to suggestions. Other years this has been a fun time – we will get this organized!

Canoeing and kayaking. A great time to join other believers and take in the beautiful Okanagan Lake scenery. You are responsible to organize and play it safe. Rentals available in Penticton

Bike riding the KVR. The KVR is a refurbished old 2% grade roadbed of the Kettle Valley Railway – part of the Trans Canada Trail. It is a major climb up from the Naramata Centre to the KVR. It is all downhill to Penticton (10 km) and uphill to the tunnel scenic lookout (5 km). Rentals available in Penticton or bring your own bikes.

NOTE: All activities and events are completely optional

Meeting Spaces – see map

Creekside Commons – A large [approx. 30’ x 60’] outdoor covered gazebo-like structure with picnic tables and a food preparation area for those arriving with limited or no cooking equipment. It is a great outdoor fellowship area.

Columbia Hall – A large indoor meeting space with audio/visual equipment. This space will be used for meals, the morning praise & worship, Hebrew lessons, the afternoon biblical topic teaching, and evening meetings.

Shuttle Service

Bus Shuttle links: from Vancouver click here and Okanagan Valley click here

If you are planning to arrive by bus or plane and will need someone to pick you up in Penticton, a shuttle service will be made available. Please try to arrive before or after the Sabbath days [Oct 2nd evening, 3rd daylight and Oct 9th evening, 10th daylight]

If you need shuttle service please try to arrive TWO DAYS EARLY. This means that arrival shuttle service will be offered October 1st & 2nd. We are asking for this as it is hectic to pick everyone up the day of the event at the airport, stop at the store on the way in, and still set up everything before sundown Oct 2nd. Please plan your travel to allow yourself time.

You can plan your flight to Penticton airport via West Jet from Calgary or Air Canada from Vancouver. Should you choose to fly into Kelowna airport you can contact a shuttle company to arrange your own transportation to Penticton: One choice well regarded is Lets Go.

There are some festival goers living in Kelowna and north that may be willing to volunteer to give you a ride to/from Kelowna. If you register early we may be able to facilitate by providing names of volunteers for you to contact directly for a ride.

Those that arrive without camping supplies due to limited baggage allowance of the airlines and bus lines may wish to rent a room. Maple Court, with an occupancy of 3-per-room, looks to be the least expensive choice. See this page if a tent is desired, and if your request is made early, we may accommodate you with equipment borrowed locally. There are several locations where tenting gear can be purchased locally if you desire.

BC Transit offers a Penticton/Naramata bus service 4 times a day. 


Matthew 23:11 “But the greatest among you shall be your servant.”

We believe Abba is looking for us to come with a willing attitude to serve and edify others. You will find joy in serving and may discover gifts you didn’t know you had. We encourage you to volunteer as you are able.


  • Transportation – We will need drivers for picking people up from the airport in Penticton. We will also need to assist those who need rides to town for groceries, ATM, etc.
  • Restrooms – We will need help to keep the restrooms clean and orderly and to ensure that supplies are available.
  • Conference Room – We may need assistance with setting up and arranging tables & chairs for various events.
  • General Maintenance – We may need handymen to assist other campers with equipment failures.
  • Tassel Making Party – We will need help with the setup and teaching of how to make tassels.
  • Children’s Activities – We will need assistance with group activities throughout the day, and with providing children an opportunity to learn, participate and create during the teachings.
  • Child care – Interested in giving other parents a small break? Be a part of a 2-3 person team to watch over children in an outdoor setting during various times of the festival. Ideal for those who already have children to watch and are willing to take on additional children.
  • Youth & Family Night – We are looking for someone who can organize a special Youth/Family event.
  • Charity Auction – Auctioneering, helping with the collection of donations and entering the data in a spreadsheet.
  • Registration & hospitality – 1st impressions are important. Greet campers and direct them to their campsite.
  • A Tent Crew – is required to assist campers, especially newcomers, with setting up their tent and campsite.
  • Get-togethers – Help organize the gatherings for midrash, sharing testimonies and musical praise to Yahweh.
  • Audio / Visual – Assistance with operating computers, mixers, cameras and other Audio-Visual equipment.
  • Community meals assistance – We are planning to have community meals. We will need help at the CREEKSIDE COMMONS kitchen in preparing these community meals and for the cleanup afterward. For non-community meals at the CREEKSIDE COMMONS when the facilities are used, it is expected that users of the space will clean up after themselves.
  • Sharing at meals – Some who come to the festival via planes, trains and buses have a harder time making meals during the festival. Sign up if you are willing to share meals or cooking equipment with another festival goer.


See the Registration page to sign up.